A play

Performing Shakespeare in India is a prickly business.  It’s probably easier if the entire troupe is Indian, there’s little chance of stiffness and awkwardness being attendant upon the scene, but when the director is British! Oh dear. It’s a little like that Gloria Gaynor song, “And so you’re back! From outer space, I just walked […]

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Tumhari Sulu

I’ve actually watched a bunch of movies and been reading/re-reading some books but nothing quite stirred up the spirit of contrariety within me as Vidya Balan’s new movie Tumhari Sulu. Directed by Suresh Triveni the movie is funny, authentic- and in the tradition of Bollywood movies of the past 10 years – very visually appealing. […]

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Stranger Things

Nothing’s as creepy as the past, and the early eighties were indeed a creepy time. E.g. examine the font they used for the opening credits of TV shows. Why does every one wear brown? Even the cars seem to be wood paneled. Stranger Things has a distinct 30- years-ago aesthetic, and it works- I was […]

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Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Watching the Kiera Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice is a bit like watching the Twilight version of Jane Austen. If you’ve ever wondered how bad it was possible to make a movie I recommend watching 1) Twilight movies 2) The Harry Potter movies 3) The 2005 Pride and Prejudice. This movie has apparently been […]

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5 Centimeters Per Second

To be honest, for some reason I though this would be a movie about going into labour. Why not? Anime never seems to shy away from stuff that seems gross in typical Hollywood fare. It’s what I like about anime too (not all the very gross stuff- I remember in one movie the school kids […]

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Hedda Gabler

Reviewing a play would be a bit of a departure from tradition at the eagerreviewer but here we go… Ivo van Hove’s take on Henik Ibsen’s 19th century play Hedda Gabler. The play opens in a large, practically empty room. Newly weds Tesman and Hedda Gabler are back from a six month honeymoon.As friends traipse […]

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TVD Season 8 Episode 15

Thank you so very much for how miserable all the characters were here. It was such a downer I kind of wanted to use Kelly Donovon’s handy little weapon on myself and end it all :(. This is extreme drama I know, but frankly I am not a Steroline fan. Steroline getting married is …fourth […]

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TVD-S8 Episode 12

Oh gods.No words to describe the eternal boredom of S8 episode 12. There’s  a touch of miserable realism in the scene where Stefan is arrested and can’t compel himself out of it. My fantasy filled series has been ruined.I’m so depressed. Couldn’t he have had his humanity under happier circumstances? All leading up to Stelena […]

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