Here’s a quote: “Deborah, you are going to lose your husband… if you don’t stop what you are doing. And you will never find someone as good. There’ll only be men who you know are cheap and shallow… and have no real warmth in their souls. You may have gotten by on those surfaces once but now… you have been spoiled by a good man. If you do not act quickly… you will soon cement an awful fate for yourself…”

(Emphasis as in the movie and many thanks to

Kind of reaches out and grabs you, huh?

Movies written by Adam Sandler are sometimes just embarrassing in parts.

Remember Barrymore’s slob of a brother in 50 First Dates? He must have been meant to make Adam Sandler look like George Clooney. Never gonna happen. But in Spanglish Sandler wins back his self-respect (it could never have been intact) as an actor and major props from Me. He plays genuine and decent so well . Also requiring mention are the other actors – Sarah Steele -Paz Vega – Cloris Leachman – Tea Leoni.

Casting directors should be credited first for all the satisfaction afforded.


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