Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Truthfully, the ribbons on the cover don’t help. Or at the very least- they are misleading. Elizabeth Gilbert has written a fine book. She has a voice that can use literary allusiveness for fine effect at good moments and which becomes sober,plain and pondering when she tried to understand the institution which was about to embrace her life. It is a good book; a very collected and easy to appreciate examination of marriage through the ages and in different societies, written lucidly and wittily.

It is certainly not “emotional jabbering” as one reviewer I read put it.


Mind Reader Unlocking the Power of Your Mind to Get What You Want

It doesn’t help to have a tiny crush on the author. Lior Surchard the Amazing!Mind!Reader! is kind of adorable. He’s thin and tired in person and on stage he is a perfectly well timed machine. At least you get the impression of a tuned up machine when you read his book “Mind Reader (by) Lior Surchard World- Renowned Mentalist” (Lior Surchard both knows all and hides nothing 🙂 ) 

I enjoyed reading his book especially the few pages about his childhood, it was so engaging. Although when you read about a thirteen year old trying to create a business you feel taken aback by the fierceness of it. He doesn’t look like a business man.

I think that title does say a lot. And not just because it takes up 13 words either but because while we are all happy to get what we want, we don’t really follow it up with single minded dedication. Too fat, too lazy, too tired, too limp, too listless, too easily distracted, too old, to ready to be engaged by other things. I don’t think that’s a bad way to be. However, Lior Surchard does not want to take over the world (whew!). He is a slender entertainer who follows up on his task of entertainment with a slightly scary focus.

May be he’s so thin because of the mind stuff. He won’t get fat like the rest of us more corporeal people.

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