Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Truthfully, the ribbons on the cover don’t help. Or at the very least- they are misleading. Elizabeth Gilbert has written a fine book. She has a voice that can use literary allusiveness for fine effect at good moments and which becomes sober,plain and pondering when she tried to understand the institution which was about to embrace her life. It is a good book; a very collected and easy to appreciate examination of marriage through the ages and in different societies, written lucidly and wittily.

It is certainly not “emotional jabbering” as one reviewer I read put it.


2 thoughts on “Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. I find it refreshing to see a review that speaks of what you enjoyed about the book, without re-telling the story. Thanks. I’ve watched quite a few talks/ interviews with Elizabeth Gilbert, and she seems quite down to earth, really. I enjoyed Eat, pray, love, but didn’t get to read Committed – hope it’s as good as I’ve heard. Saw this one is part of the line-up for this weekend’s book report radio show, as well as an interview with her. They are featuring books with a love theme, it seems. I’ll be listening to get a better idea of what it’s like, but reckon I’m pretty much sold on the book already. For those interested, I saw the show advertised on bookreportradio(dot)com, with the stations and schedules too.

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