Notes from a Small Island

I’m a Bill Bryson fangirl alright. Who wouldn’t be… who couldn’t be? But when reading Notes From a Small Island I kept banging up against references to – wait for it- non-European cuisine.He mentions Greek restaurants and Chinese take-out.His favourite food is Indian. It’s hardly anything… I know but still so very unexpected in a Bryson book which seems to have re-invented Anglophilia just when (and I mean no harm) everyone was forgetting Britain.

Britain is duly grateful. I know I would be. I would love for Bill Bryson to come pottering down to India to note curious facts and odd stories about my country, provide me with a peg on which I could hang up the rest of my impressions. The British are so lucky. But I think he’s best in his own habitat so to speak. Like a nice fish in an aquarium he shows to advantage and makes the place look so much brighter.

Are there travel books on India? Note to self: Look it up.


4 thoughts on “Notes from a Small Island

  1. I’m a Bryson fan and I’m British and I totally agree.
    I don’t think I’ve even read all of Notes From a Small Island and it ranks way below The Lost Continent and A Walk in the Woods for me.

    1. What’s it like reading about a place you know well? Do you agree with the things he says, especially about the preservation of old buildings etc.? Have things changed loads since he wrote Notes?

      1. Things have changed a lot since Bill wrote Notes and not for the better!
        A lot of the things that were worth preserving such as local shops, pubs and the red telephone boxes are well on their way to extinction. It’s very sad, in fact I find urban England a dismal place to live.

        P.S. Sorry for the late reply:)

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