Cold Turkey :(

Season 4 just got over. I need to grieve. I’m only half joking. Klaus and Caroline.Epic combination. They make me so happy, now if only Klaus could stop being so…manic. He is actually my favourite character with Stefan following close behind. You know what’s so great about Paul Wesley? Every time Lexi shows up he […]

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The Vampire Diaries

Ha ha! I have a new favourite T.V. show. There was a void in my life that I was barely aware of. In 2012 for some reason I used to follow Master Chef Australia, at some other time 30 Rock reigned king. Big Bang is pretty nice even now but what has captured my heart […]

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Something reminded me of Manthan and I googled it. I totally forgot the English translation of the title and if you would just look at the poster below:  Does not Smita Patil look just like a monster under your bed? And after I read that title I almost screamed.

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