Because I’m a sucker for vampire romance?

Got these from this guy  who got it from this guy . They’re both awesome repositories of all things TVD02x08-Damon-says-i-love-you-damon-and-elena-16768073-594-691

One marathon viewing session later: This scene still makes my heart stop- even just a still from it. After Season 1,2 and 3 I now love Damon Salvatore and adore Ian S. for bringing him to life!( I’ve still got BFF feels for Stefan of course).

I leave you with a gif.


Cold Turkey :(

Season 4 just got over. I need to grieve. I’m only half joking. Klaus and Caroline.Epic combination. They make me so happy, now if only Klaus could stop being so…manic. He is actually my favourite character with Stefan following close behind. You know what’s so great about Paul Wesley? Every time Lexi shows up he stops being all doomsday and it’s like a switch is flipped on, he’s so light and funny. The rest of the time he’s all Stefan-y. I couldn’t care less of what Elena does with her pendulum love life anymore and I always thought Delena was actually much better. They’re opposites and Confucius say that opposites attract you know. Although Stelena at the 1950s dance in Season 1? So sweeeet! (Bats could hear me just now). However, they are strangely dull as couple. (Delena. Keep up.) Klaus and Caroline now… he is so … Damon just does his one act bad boy role with an annoying exact same drawl “I’m the bad guy remember.” ” I don’t make the right choices you know.” “No I’m not sorry (cue sneer and eyebrow point). The only thing interesting about Damon is his friendship with Alaric. Ah well, I’m sorry Ian S. but Damon is the reason that Stefan is feeling pain right now. As for Elena she gets dull and loses credibility with her switches.

And Klaus… is actually a grown up and he intends to be Caroline’s last love while being charming and interesting and totally on the ball every-single-time. And was not that scene with them yelling at each other- coz he thinks he has a white oak stake embedded in him and needs her help- the best? It was so funny! Vampires communicating!

Caroline (accusingly):”You scared my boyfriend away and you committed mass murder!”

Klaus (defensively): “I’m jealous of Tyler and so did you!”

You have to love their priorities. Please get married and have babies.

Edited to add: Also Rebekah is my other favourite character. She is such a sweetheart! People are mean to her! Why are they mean to her? She tugs at my heart strings all the time.

The Vampire Diaries

Ha ha! I have a new favourite T.V. show. There was a void in my life that I was barely aware of. In 2012 for some reason I used to follow Master Chef Australia, at some other time 30 Rock reigned king. Big Bang is pretty nice even now but what has captured my heart is The Vampire Diaries. I came to it late but that’s how I approach most things: a little suspiciously and very reluctantly before embracing them wholeheartedly, and then plaguing other people with my new found enthusiasms.

The Vampire Diaries has Ian Somerhalder. I have a new T.V. love! And he belongs to the Dark Side which is exactly what a new T.V. love should belong to! Nina Dobrev is amazingly dough faced and only in profile does she achieve distinctness of feature  Paul Wesley is unexciting except for* his pretty eyes and  his “ripper” past and together they are all very interesting, at least to me. After all they are all vampires. Modern day ones in the Twilight tradition but at least they are much more animated than the Twilight cast has ever been. Kudos L.J. Smith (although I bet the book writing was terrible),Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. I was going to say God bless but that seemed inapposite.

*Edit March 11th ’17: I think I used to be crazy, also didn’t follow them like I do now,also love Dobrev and Elena. Stefan actually became my favourite character in his own right (along with Joseph Morgan’s Klaus).


Something reminded me of Manthan and I googled it. I totally forgot the English translation of the title and if you would just look at the poster below:


 Does not Smita Patil look just like a monster under your bed? And after I read that title I almost screamed.

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