Perks of Being a Wallflower

I need to talk about how much I love Perks.I either really need to talk about how much I love Perks or I need to a talk a good deal about how much I love Perks. I still can’t figure out which. Well, basically it’s my Catcher in the Rye. I never really met a person other than this ONE guy who adored that book. All other Catcher mania I have come across exists in references in other books made by other fictional and adolescent characters. Which is kind of amusing.

Perks presents a distinct story of its own. When I watched the movie the DVD cover had all the keywords: *teenager* *unpopular* *HIGH SCHOOL* *ARGH* *new cool friends* *WHEW!*(so basically) LEARNING EXPERIENCES. Watching a movie or reading a book about teen experiences may be interesting the first time or every once in while when it’s Mean Girls and other good things. But the drama grows slack and the climaxes dull when the awkward child goes to school for the 100th time.

Anyhow even with all that baggage Perks is kind of good. Every one struggles with stuff in the book but something is holding Charlie back. It finally comes out in a huge plot reveal at the end. Until then he stumbles through stuff. He is supposed to have all these ahem *TEEN LEARNING EXPERIENCES* so he does all that along with a psychological breakthrough of his own. What stands out for me are all the small stories, the incidents that flesh out all the other characters. Like the way Charlie’s dad was good at baseball and never exaggerated a detail in his stories about his glory days. Or his sister bullying her boyfriend and then justifying his violence and ofcourse Brad and Patrick’s story that made a whole well developed story arc by itself. The Rocky Horror Picture stuff. And I can’t figure if I got this from the movie or the book but I love Sam and Patrick’s relationship and the way their characters mesh so well with Charlie’s. It’s all of this that makes the characters engage with each other and creates a small and very distinct world of book’s own for me the reader to consume with a lot of satisfaction.

Also, as an aside I really, really wish Charlie was gay. I mean Sam was played by Emma Watson who was pretty okay but as movie Patrick says he “smoke(es) all you bitches.” And he really does. Ezra Miller really made that role his and even book Patrick is the most fun character. Sigh. That was one movie magic couple that could have happened. And I could’ve loved how cute they were together. Coz they really were.



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