One Fine Day (Now a bi-annual post!)

I think I have mentioned this movie before. I am now slightly more critical of it. It’s probably impending older age that makes me disagreeable but the interactions between Clooney and Pfeiffer seem to be presented as a “battle of the sexes” which I find childish. If a complete stranger started weighing in on your life (even if you messed up their day) and got really personal wouldn’t you think they were rude or mad? Of course it would take great strength of mind to take exception to George Clooney (and M. Pfeiffer by that standard) merely on a point of etiquette and in the cause of breaking through gender stereotypes but I’m a rock star like that. But should we cut the movie some slack since this was the early nineties? The very early nineties when your male boss/top clients (also male) could say of you (to your delight), “She’s quite the little discovery, isn’t she?” and apparently actor/writer/director heads did NOT roll for NOT conveying the least hint of humour, irony, sarcasm or a trace of self-awareness. 

But noticing other things lends and retains a vernal charm to this movie. For example, I have never, not once, in the past 18 years noticed that although it’s called One Fine Day it was actually cloudy and rainy all through. Except for the brief moments (splashing through the puddle to get to Sammy’s soccer game) when the romantic leads connect with each other, the sun never peeps out. I love the poetic truth of the title: it was a fine day because the leads met each other and fell in love. Unless it’s ironic because as pointed out above the weather was terrible. Or may be it refers to that story telling phrase, “And one fine day… such and such a thing happened/ this is what she did/ this is what happened.” 

 Ha, ha. With the right perspective you will never run out of food for speculation.


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