Jane Austen-Northanger Abbey Revisited OR The Reader is Prejudiced, don’t Blame the Reader

Jane Austen! *hugs* I hugs you Jane Austen because I love you. Sorry for the mawkishness, but years ago when I read Northanger Abbey I actually didn’t like the book. This was not Pride and Prejudice not Emma not Sense and Sensibility not Persuasion or even Mansfield Park. This was… I know not what but at  twelve or thirteen or whenever- I decided that Northanger Abbey was in fact not nothing. But now! Northanger Abbey is Northanger Abbey! It is a story! It creates a world! It has a voice! It is a standard of comparison!It is filed away into my mental library of Books I Can Read. From now I shall look at other light society comedies and sniff “It’s no Northanger Abbey, let me tell you.”


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