Night Circus

Found below review in my drafts. I read the book through eventually and liked it but can’t say much more. The setting is richly fanciful, the word pictures are striking not tedious. It’s a love story conducted through clever, carved, live but wooden puppets jerking fantastically over the stage. Chandresh Lefevre’s descent and revival was one instance of filling out a character and Marco’s role in that made me hate him quite strongly which makes this an interesting move by Morgenstern since M. is Celia Bowen’s love interest.

Now because I have a problem with reading commitment I have hardly done more than flip through the pages of my current read before I happened upon a book with a permanent spot on my TBR list. That is shortly to change. For I am FINALLY finally, finally, finally… going to read¬†The Night Circus.¬† Yay! People wait for after they have read a book to comment on it but my first impression is that it seems quirky and fanciful with the usual smart but troubled leads you find in acclaimed fantasy. Heh. I almost added- with an old lady croak- “these days”, to that last sentence.


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