Collected Ghost Stories-M.R. James & Turn of the Screw-Henry James

I have been reading and re-reading victorian ghost stories. Circa a hundred years ago, at Christmas, you were always supposed to tell ghost stories and I believe in dusting off traditions. M.R. James is great for this, you can find him on Project Gutenberg if you want to experience some fin de siecle chills. Also that creepy little novella The Turn of the Screw *scream*. That book leaves me a gibbering, nerve-racked, suspenseful mess every time I read it! Did the governess do it? The first one? Yes! She did the master’s valet *more victorian screams*. For their sins she and the valet (creepy Peter Quint [drunk late one icy night, *slip* *thud* *dead*]) die and then haunt the little children- wards of their always absent uncle.Only the new governess can save the little mites … but do they want to be saved? da da dum! the evil ones are actually much appreciated by the little babies which is kind of spectacularly creepy, no?

October isn’t too early for friendly and unfriendly christmas ghosts, is it? Most assuredly not, I think. After all Ellen is already prepping audiences for her twelve days special.When they do that you know it’s December.


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