Gone Girl the Movie

Warning! Spoilers!!! Gone Girl will make sure you never trust your spouse again … or your friend’s spouse… or that low life with the sore on her lip. In fact, TRUST NO ONE. You are now Mad Eye Moody. It’s a gorgeously disturbing take on a claustrophobic marriage, the way it begins with two halves of  a whole, church bells and wedding cake, and eventually came down to a marriage between a sophisticated, edjicated big city girl and – a person from Missouri. One year long adulterous relationship, one large scale operation for revenge,one murder and one fabricated story for the press later a new relationship emerges; apparently a marriage, though in a new and highly compromised avatar. Gone Girl cannot take into account positivity but a story has to tell you what it is geared to say. But I wish they hadn’t pinned most of the blame on to the lady wife. She was a brilliant psychotic who twisted laws that protect vulnerable women in order to harass and harm the men who left her. Where have I heard that before? The Missourian husband is just a guy. All guys are just regular assholes as nature intended them. Woman though, this unstable and unknown quantity, real freaks of nature, spin out of control and have to be either feared or used. Except Mom. As a line of dialogue from the movie goes, “Mom would fix everything.” The Mother, the hag, the virgin, the child, the whore, also (in light of this movie) The Twin . Which one are you? Someone should invent a card game. Oh wait. We play that one everyday. There is the character of Detective Rhonda Boney. Reassuring as she is, her character is not enough to sufficiently challenge the plot.


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