TVD marathon ( Yes I bought the box set!!)

You know after watching the brilliance and the super connectedness of TVD S1-4 (it’s really very good you know, if you can watch the stilted, stiff necked, s*&% that is GoT you can watch the literary allusive-pop cultural reference laden dialogue, emotionally surcharged, epically [that’s kind of a TVD word ;)] soundtracked, sharply cast-ed, drama that is TVD), you really wonder about S5 -why, why, WHY??  Klaus was the best character they ever created, the best villain (also the cutest), Klaroline? Need I say more– to other TVD fans anyway? No, I do NOT. Best TV and TVD couple EVER.

(Beremy wins second best because of their endless, long drawn out suffering. Stelena after that, since they are so cute.)

I seem to be harping on a point here (because ages ago I’d mentioned this before), but still apparently the fact needs re-stating because the writers at TVD and The Originals don’t seem to get it. We LOVED Klaus. Klaus and Caroline were amazing. Stefan with Caroline just makes me want to hit the snooze button. They’re oookay, but not the stuff complicated relationships and hence, perfect magic, is made out of. So please people writing over there..answer a prayer and do make this happen.Sniff.

epically klaroline


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