Thoughts on Leo in the times of The Revenant

Leo DiCaprio doesn’t die this time. I think the man suffers from some kind of complex of grandeur. Why does he keep choosing roles that die encompassed by pointedly humble magnitude? He certainly seems to be under the impression that he can more than support the part of vulnerable, unlovable greatness. Think of his movie choices: He begins with  Jack (well in global terms that’s where he began, no?) and stole that role yes, but he dies. And don’t forget Romeo+Juliet before that, where he died again. Basketball Diaries. Extremely troubled. Frank W Abnagale in Catch Me if You Can does NOT die but I’m sure that wasn’t DiCaprio’s idea. I notice he hasn’t done another Steven Spielberg movie.The Aviator. Is very miserable all through. Blood Diamond.Dies most beautifully on the African continent.Just like the Atlantic, an all out monument to our Leo that is most befitting.J.Edgar. Dead.His passing is marked by his own voice over giving him a send off worthy of such an actor, er sorry, I meant character. The Great Gatsby. Well I loved the movie,also Leo. He fit in with no fireworks and with easy, perfect, perfection. But guess what? Leo bites it. Again, there was no choice, but by now our suspicions are confirmed. Leo D. – Oscar winner and quintessential drama queen.

He was appropriately hateful in Django Unchained though.And Katy was allowed the death scene in Revolutionary Road, trapped in a little room in a suburban house.(Where else do women die? And how else, but- essentially- of boredom, heh heh heh :D). Let’s see Gangs of New York he (supposedly) just dies like everyone else of his generation, but he  – he gets to be the voice of the whole damn concern. Of New York. Of an era. Of an entire phase of history. Really Leo. A little modesty would be more becoming.Wolf of Wall Street. He lives! But is unpleased when accepting the Globe for a comic role if memory serves me right.

The Revenant. He lives! We will call this his mature period.Aren’t so many DiCaprio movies action movies in dramatic clothing? Was just thinking that when I watched The Revenant. So. much.action. He jumps on his horse, and falls off a cliff, a beautiful woman is lurking all dead in the background, giving him sustenance (as women are wont to do. Very sustaining creatures, us ladies. Well not me. I’m lazy and work only under the pressure of terror … but I know what I’m supposed to be. I need to be a sustaining, ethereal, horizontal, goddess). I basically just really liked the last scene where the camera work and the chase scene unglamourises the revenge between the two men. It looks meaningless against the big empty backdrop of landscape. Also when the Native Americans don’t kill him and he seems to be undergoing some tremendous thought transformation. You wonder what he is thinking. And that’s acting.


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