Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Excellent fantasy romance read. I picked up the book because of its straight up, easy going well defined voice- this was a writer who had struck gold- and because the blurb promised a vampire. As I read it I realised this was a vampire human romance between two school age wizards. 🙂 It’s amusing just writing that sentence. And yeah, it made my eyes cross too.

Anyhow, it’s super fun to read. The author says it’s a take on Harry Potter (and a Harry/ Draco romance just makes me chortle, I wish it was possible to make those characters read this take on their relationship). The story is set in  a magic school in Britain and the world of the mages is in trouble. Simon Snow the protagonist is the Chosen One (the book actually uses the phrase) who is supposed to save the magical community. His nemesis is his roommate-  Baz Pitch a vampire who comes from old money (all vampires do, classist bastards.). Anyway, only Simon believes Baz is a vampire, and in the war that’s building up in the magical community everyone knows that Baz and Simon will eventually have to fight each other to death.

I like the multiple POVs used in the book, and the way it helped hold back information and increase suspense or the way it just helps you get inside a character’s skin. Particularly when it comes to Baz Pitch, because he’s so easy for a fangirl/boy to fall permanently in love with. Did you know that many people found Draco Malfoy’s character attractive?? I don’t know how, Draco is just a bad guy, and a narcissist. Baz Pitch (or rather, Rainbow Rowell) takes that type of character- the glamorous, dark figure- and humanizes him, makes him vulnerable, through his strong feelings for Simon Snow. Also, his vampirism is another secret he has to carry around because if anyone other than his family knows, he will be cast out. Also, his mother died in battle trying to protect him from vampires when he was a toddler. Also, a la Edward Cullen, he doesn’t eat people. Even the ones he really wants to eat, like Simon.  Sniff. Don’t ya’ll just love him now too?? We love vampires who adore the protagonist and never eat the protagonist, for some reason. Anyhow, Baz Pitch is as perfect as a character can get, and the Simon/Baz relationship totally makes the book for me. It was fun reading a gay vampire/human love story because you don’t have to judge the characters over a lack of gender equity in their relationship. You can just go like *sigh*, the romance, *swoon*. :). Obviously I don’t read books with very high aims in mind.


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