TVD-S8 Episode 12

Oh gods.No words to describe the eternal boredom of S8 episode 12. There’s  a touch of miserable realism in the scene where Stefan is arrested and can’t compel himself out of it. My fantasy filled series has been ruined.I’m so depressed. Couldn’t he have had his humanity under happier circumstances? All leading up to Stelena end game? Everyone has had to act so different in these episodes. It’s as if all the characters have had the mainspring of their action broken this season (though they’ve been a little boring and repetitive for a while), and they’re all like – I don’t have a reason anymore to be a particular way, I don’t know what that reason could be. And I blame the story arc for this (not so much an arc as a series of bumps  that eventually stop, unlike S1-4  😦  ). As I was saying tho, I do not like you, story arc. You do nothing for my vampires precieux. Damon acts like he’s blissed out on ether, not chasing redemption, Caroline is strange but okay she was a mom for five years so maybe that’s why, Alaric feels redundant and for the first time I wished he’d remained in his coffin and now I find myself hoping against hope that that’s not what surfaces when  i see Elena again. :/. How could the writers run out of good plots? I thought there was a whole book series of happenings to draw on.


TVD 4Evr

I couldn’t help a small,tiny, and very bleak chuckle as I wrote that title. The Vampire Diaries really does not let go even when it hit its low plot-less point.Kind of like a bad relationship, you just hung on to it and hoped your hopes would be rewarded when it got back to what you know and love (it just HAS to!).Seasons 1- 4 were the best years of TVD. I say that with a sigh because as we all know (tho we do not admit the faults of a well beloved) the show just never recovered after Klaus was no longer the the Original Evil whose cantankerous tyranny drove everything and after Delena was accomplished as end game. S4 is way to early to achieve your goals people. And now it’s all ending.Sob. I can’t believe it. Yes, I watched those Youtube TVD mixes with the montages of all the cast. I am that ridiculous over this show. I was distancing myself from the fact that this was the end, but I read the spoiler for Episode 11 and *SPOILER*



That was a huge shock, he’s wanted it since Season 4. I couldn’t believe it at all, so I had to see how it all went down. That magic blast Bonnie releases after Enzo dies? Wow. I haven’t been watching this season so the music feels off, kind of standard ominous Devil music, coz of I guess the Cade character. “The Devil” plot line is soo odd. If there’s a devil, there should be God?Maybe God turns out to be that sweet, pedantic, omniscient kid. hee hee hee.

Never will there be villain so villainous as Klaus. The rest were just boring. And they came in ill-connected, poorly fitting bits and pieces. Who cared about them? Also they were not engaging.The Salvatore’s weird mother?Oh please. It was strange that anyone would choose to act so stiff and uninteresting. Give me something to think about lady! At least Tessa came with a cool backstory about how the dopplegangers always find each other.

The poster for the new season looks a little better than the last season. The S7 poster was just hilarious with the Salvatores heading aimlessly off into some unspecified horizon like no one knew what to do with them, even though Plec and Williamson swore the show was really about *cough* brotherly love. Yeah right. It was the love triangle, plus the way all the characters’ stories were embedded in the town’s history that made it work.Why did you spoil the magic formula and ruin TVD time for me :/.

Season 5 onward has just been a hailstorm of happenings to keep our gang busy on the treadmill. But they never went anywhere. Sometimes dark is just boring. I need more sweet and intense romance, please. Serve it up!

P.S. Now is when Klaroline should feel free to happen. Also Stelena 😀 . And don’t kill Bonnie or Damon. Personally, I think Damon has to learn how to live without pining over a girl. He needs some Me time.ha ha. 😀 😀

epically klaroline
Soo beautiful together.

PS2: I forgot I have a history of writing posts about TVD. Here’s one , and t’other and the first. I seem to switch between Stefan and Damon just as much Elena did.  Also, for the unforgivably ignorant the oft repeated couple above is Klaus and Caroline.

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