TVD Season 8 Episode 15

Thank you so very much for how miserable all the characters were here. It was such a downer I kind of wanted to use Kelly Donovon’s handy little weapon on myself and end it all :(. This is extreme drama I know, but frankly I am not a Steroline fan. Steroline getting married is …fourth best for Caroline Forbes.Coz Klaus is waaaay better and Tyler Lockwood was better and Alaric’s sweet emo sadness over her wedding makes him so unexpectedly GOOD 😀  .It reminded me of TVD in its days of yore when everything was perfect: drama was aplenty,sadness was only sweet, and the ships were amazing (Stelena,Klaroline Delena,Beremy) 😀  😀  😀

Although btw Klaus is still way better because only an original vampire with portraits hanging in national art galleries and borrowed (or stolen) dresses and bracelets from princesses will ever be deserving of Caroline Forbes.

Alaric’s muted but sweet and supportive reaction to Caroline’s wedding news made the episode for me! Hmmm, why have I read that he’s moving to New Orleans? Do we see him in The Originals now?? I am so tired of seeing Bonnie sad. She sat at Caroline’s wedding a figure of tragedy and mute misery which went straight to my heart and makes me hope that the next episode is a little less …misrubble. Everyone’s depressed and it shows. I don’t think that it can turn around in one episode.

No Katherine in sight but mayhem all around. This is in keeping with the character because when has Katherine ever done her own dirty work? Caroline,Uncle John,Isabel,Uncle Mason,Aunt Jenna,random Bennet related witch,Matt,have all been compelled,coerced,tricked into doing Queen K’s work until she was good and ready to show herself. Although it is a little hard to call her worse than the Devil. Come on! Kat had her own share of Klaus misery (entire family slaughtered,500 years on the run). I know I’ll never forget how she cried over a picture of her family she found in a book about the Petrovas that Elena gave her, do you remember? It still defines the character for me.

You know now that Damon will never get over his Katherine issues. A bachelor party over Katherine’s bones. Hmm. There’s food for psychological analysis over there. It was hilarious and horrible when he sloshed some booze into her skull!  Although the show didn’t seem to comment on it … perhaps it was considered de rigueur in vampire plot writing world and no one noticed. Damon still has trouble with his poker face and now there’s nothing anyone can do about it, second last episode and all.

I want something happy . Come on dream spinners, spin out the fantasy just a bit longer please. Only one episode left.


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