The Vampire Diaries-S8Ep16- Finale

Tears and then more tears. I think we (all the fans) all turned into running faucets and spilling over bath tubs – oceans of salt water was slopping around.  I loved the finale. I knew that the internet was not a safe place for me until I watched it . Spoilers would lurk everywhere, especially on social media. I now know All. And I think that I can die pretty peacefully. Bury me with my set of TVD please.

TVD marathons will forever be a bitter-sweet experience now, keeping in mind the last and final TVD death. It was a big one, and how can I survive this? Courage, if Bonnie can “figure out the witch thing” after so many set backs I too can be mighty and um, learn to live life after and without TVD. Bonnie really emerges as the hero of the series for me now. I votes for a new series following the young Bennet witch on her search for adventure and fulfillment.

There were so many amazing nods and call backs to previous episodes and also bit but significant characters, remember that random but awesome Bennet witch from S2 who helped Bonnie trap Katherine in the tomb?  And the cheerleader’s grandfather from S1 who recognised Stefan from the 1950s and told Elena about who he was?It was delicious seeing them again. Bonnie’s Grams came back to help her too, it was amazing, my favourite scene with Grams was when Bonnie was getting over Jeremy and trying to destroy the Original witch’s locket and Grams shows up from dead, holds her hand and tells her “You are stronger than all of this.” She was a totally brilliant character!

I was so glad that Stefan saw Lexi again! Although exactly how did he manage to pick her up and swing her around? She looks about 6’2″ (maybe it’s the heels) and is a 500 year old vampire (albeit dead), and he looks about 5’10” and he’s human! The magic of TV 😀

Everything was brilliant. I’m very happy. And also very sad. But my favourite characters all seem to have closure and ….. KLAUS WROTE CAROLINE A LETTTTTERRRRR !!!! AHHHHHHHH!  My heart exploded. And then eviscerated. It’s kind of beginning to function again.

At least I can still follow the actors (and writers). Who will forever keep these guys alive for me. That’s not creepy at all.  😀 Hmm, may be they will actually stay alive if… there is a TVD universe!! Julie Plec said there might be. Somehow these guys really do have a life of their own. They don’t seem to disappear at all, even when the series is over.


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