5 Centimeters Per Second

To be honest, for some reason I though this would be a movie about going into labour. Why not? Anime never seems to shy away from stuff that seems gross in typical Hollywood fare. It’s what I like about anime too (not all the very gross stuff- I remember in one movie the school kids were horror stuck, watching a disgusting teacher eat his own boogers ….oh gross ), because I always get an utterly different cultural take (in light of the previous parenthesis, ha ha ha ha ha) even on ordinary topics like teens dating in high school (or what school teachers are wont to do), or fantasy adventures. The tropes are different,the demons are different,the characters obsess over different things.

Anyhow, I was preparing to be all grossed out by 5 Centimeters but it turned out to be a fairly innocuous movie about adolescents. Everyone kept talking in low, thoughtful murmurs, and because it is a little late right now, I was having trouble concentrating, but it turns out they were all ruminating and pondering away in an extremely thoughtful way about Life and all that it holds for them. At some point (when they were more grown up in Episode 3) they wanted to go back to being 13 years old to when they talked about everything in low, anxious murmurs because this was the time when everything had meaning. I think at least two of the characters reclaimed the thing that mattered most to them at 13 but I am not sure.

Anyway, I liked so many of the very beautiful and detailed scenes. Although I wish anime would stop drawing just one kind of racial look-and then make each person look like the other’s clone. I actually find it hard to remember who is who, unless they try to draw one girl with a ponytail and the other without one. The male romantic lead will always be taller than the rest, have sightly more dramatic hair, and have an extremely emo, melancholy mien. Hee, hee, hee.

But the stories are long, beautifully detailed and rife with unusual, individualistic ideas. Especially for some one who is only used to U.S. style commercial drama. It’s like anime story writers are writing for themselves , and in the other stuff you have to follow a pre-set narrative structure. I know that Makoto Shinkai created the manga version first though, so I don’t know how he managed that.

Okay, so I just went through the comments below the video and the story was actually pretty sweet, I am just too sleepy and and attention span disabled (currently) to really get it.

Also, the low, hushed whispers no matter what they are talking about (actually everything they talk about quite legitimately demands a hushed, introspective tone) eventually kind of lulls you.

I am an animal. Incapable of truly appreciating Shinkai’s Five Centimeters. :(.  But Children Who Chase Lost Voices was tres amazing. I truly loved it and was aware of it all the time I was blissfully watching it for the first time :D. Best anime memory ever.


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