To Kill a Mockingbird

While reading To Kill a Mockingbird¬† I can always hear Mary Badham’s sweet, singsong “Atti-cus!” running through every line- ¬† Gregory Peck shows up in character on every page. I came to the book from watching the odd scene or two from the movie and the gulping, hydrophobic dog scene or the last scenes with […]

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Jane Austen-Northanger Abbey Revisited OR The Reader is Prejudiced, don’t Blame the Reader

Jane Austen! *hugs* I hugs you Jane Austen because I love you. Sorry for the mawkishness, but years ago when I read Northanger Abbey I actually didn’t like the book. This was not Pride and Prejudice not Emma not Sense and Sensibility not Persuasion or even Mansfield Park. This was… I know not what but […]

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Georgette Heyer. Her world is full of men polishing their eye glasses and inhaling pinches of snuff or removing tiny bits of fluff off their sleeves before they POW! take out their enemies with all the force of John McClane incinerating a helicopter with an SUV. Ah! the crooked, narrow streets where men were monocled. […]

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Daddy Long Legs

I’ve been looking for movies based on Daddy Long Legs so that I can immerse myself even further in the John Grier Home and Judy-at-college writing letters filled with line drawings and the general sense of a perfect life being lived. I mean, she seems to be at the right place at the right time […]

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Just William

I haven’t rated/reviewed Just William before?!That’s a shock to me but then I haven’t read it in a while. Just William is a great example of the best of what I will riskily call period British humor. There were plenty of writers like that:the guy who wrote Billy Bunter, W.E. Jones (he wrote this one […]

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An Experience of India

I read Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s book and think it a literary inadequacy.Remember how the “East” was portrayed? Or how people this side of the globe were “Orientals”? Remember your Somerset Maugham where Asian servants were sly and slit-eyed and your American literature where the African slave had the mind of a child? That last one […]

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If you like slow paced humorous observation ***!!!THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!!!****. It makes me laugh- all the narrator’s affectionate and clear sighted opinions about the eccentric Cranford ladies. There’s a little sentimentality: bright (sweet and blue eyed) happy young women are perpetually being blighted because of unrequited Love. Miss Matty IS unrequited and […]

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