Gone Girl the Movie

Warning! Spoilers!!! Gone Girl will make sure you never trust your spouse again … or your friend’s spouse… or that low life with the sore on her lip. In fact, TRUST NO ONE. You are now Mad Eye Moody. It’s a gorgeously disturbing take on a claustrophobic marriage, the way it begins with two halves […]

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Here’s a quote: “Deborah, you are going to lose your husband… if you don’t stop what you are doing. And you will never find someone as good. There’ll only be men who you know are cheap and shallow… and have no real warmth in their souls. You may have gotten by on those surfaces once […]

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Everyone’s seen Brave. The excitement started before the movie released with people going gaga over the graphic book (or do I mean artwork?). However, moving pictures top mere pictures with me any day,and have you anything more beautiful than Brave? Ha ha if nothing else Brave reconciles me to my own unmanageable hair. Give me […]

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