James Carter Organ Trio

Went to a James Carter performance last Sunday, it was the most spectacular musical event, and the best art I have ever experienced.  It’s the first time I got the impression that a master musician was playing me out of myself. He seemed to make possible another order of feeling. The world became larger. I kid you not, the audience who left when the show was over had smiles stretched across their faces, we just wound up grinning at each other in passing. You know the Greek musician Orpheus? He never made sense to me until now. It was like the notes that were played just stopped short of rambunctious noise, because he pushed it all the way there and then held back. It was the first time I came across humour in music. The unexpected kept turning up. Joyful tunes and happy tunes –  you hear them on the TV or the music for popular songs, but humour was a first for me. I felt very happy and very lucky (I almost didn’t go) to have heard the performance and hope he comes back to India- to more public friendly venues,perhaps? The Tata Theatre is a grand place, and is marvellous for encouraging different forms of art, but it can also be a bit of a closed space.


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